Cape Fear Serpentarium, Wilmington

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  • We dared to venture here, though none of us are fond of snakes. It was cool to see so many different types of snakes. The price was reasonable, though a rate for toddlers would have been nice 
  • The Cape Fear Serpentarium is a must see for anyone visiting Downtown Wilmington. There is a vast array of venomous and non venomous snakes, crocs, turtles, & macaws. The overall feel of this place is...  read more »
  • So...I am afraid of snakes.....BUT, this place is really cool. The owner is really interesting and informative. There is a huge collection of all kinds of snakes, several types of crocodiles, and liza...  read more »
  • Great Place Cool. Many different snakes. From Venom To Constrictor they have em. Also Alligators Also has great pictures on the wall such as a banner explaining what happens if you are bitten. It really shows kids the importance of being careful when messing with animals. When Education is important ignorance can be ignored.
  • Please skip this place. It's awful. The snakes. Or mostly snakes. Some alligators and lizards and one big snapping turtle. The "serpent" part of the serpentarium was alright. It wasn't too exciting. It's basically just your normal zoo affair. Now we did travel in from Ohio, and we are more used to the larger outdoor zoological attractions. But seeing as there are none around the Cape Fear area, at least none to my knowledge, this could be a good substitute, animal wise. But, the enclosures that the animals were kept in are...well...iffy at best. It seems that the only way any handler at the Serpentarium can get into the enclosures for the animals is by unlocking a hinged glass window pane. And yes, I do mean the one that seperates you and the animal. The hinged glass is secured only by a miniscule lock that you would see on that dusty old trophy case that sits in the lobby of your old high school that has that one basketball championship trophy from twenty years ago in it. And let me tell you, the things that he keeps in those cages are not old basketball trophies. You don't really need to worry about the snakes escaping from the enclosure, they are only snakes and hardly exhibit the strength to break that lock, but the Alligators that he keeps in the place, that's a different story. The Alligators (or Crocodiles, if you wanna be a stickler) could make quick work of those locks, which is unsettling. Even more so, some of the cages (I did not check and see if all of them had it, but I did notice quite a few had this "feature") had small gaps in between where the glass should meet the wall. In order for the front of the enclosure to swing out on the hinges so he can retrive the animal from it's habitat, it has to have this gap. Now, the gap is not large. It is pretty small and I could barely get half of my index finger through. However, I could see a small childs hand fit happily though. And seeing what some of these animals can do (which the owner gladly throws pictures up on the walls of, which are particularly graphic in nature, especially when children come through here a lot) to an adult's leg or arm, I would hate to see what it would do to a small child. Also, one more thing. Some of these enclosures look a bit small for the animals. I'm talking mostly about two of the Crocodile/Alligator enclosures. They seem a little small for the given size of the animal. Now I saved for last on the serpentarium because I'm no expert on the subject and do not know how to care for these animals. So think what you want, but I personally do not think that they were the appropriate size for the animal. That's all for me. If I were you I'd skip this place. Thanks. Or is it all. You see, there is one part of this place that is not featured on any of the advertisments you see anywhere. Something so bizzare that you'll scratch your head when you see it. In the main lobby, right near the entrance to the bathrooms, there is a large banner/poster. This poster, which is very hard to miss, presents you with a call to action: "Get your faces out of your ipods and look up at the sky! You're being sprayed like Cockroaches!" Oh brother. The poster, which is up for everyone to see, shows much much more than that. You get classic phrases, like "UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU DEAD!" And great stock photos that depict people wearing tin foil hats (heh) with so called "chem trails" in the blue sky above them. Here's a bit of a lowdown on chemtrails, if you don't know what they are. If you do, you can skip over this bit. You know those things that come from the back of airplanes? You know that white trail that kind of looks like a cloud. Those are called contrails. A chemtrail is what tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists think those air. They think that the US is spraying the world with chemicals to turn the atmosphere into plasma and kill us all. Or something like that. The poster is very upsetting. It depicts people with gross sores all over them. If you have small children, they will be scarred, and this tinfoil hat dummy will be to blame. Steer clear of this place
  • Going to Serpentarium really brought out the 10-year-old in me. Poisonous snakes! GIGANTIC constrictor snakes! Lizards (that don't wanna be food for the constrictors)! Crocodiles! The place isn't huge, but they pack a LOT into it. Each animal on display has an informative write-up accompanying it that provides you with information ranging from where it's indigenous to to how poisonous it is (affectionately rated on a scale of one to five skulls). There are also side displays that (sometimes graphically) depict the result of being bitten by some of these poisonous snakes. The displays for the snakes are very well done. The displays for the crocodiles, though, I feel are too small for the size of the animal they're housing. Honestly, I felt a little bad for some of the crocodiles because they felt a little cooped up. Also, there's a pretty sweet chemtrail display in the foyer. Be sure to check it out. It was definitely a good time. :)
  • One of Wilmington's must-see locations if you like reptiles. They have some of the most venomous and exotic reptiles in the world for an up - close and personal experience. Feedings are on the weekends but there are often a few sporadic feedings throughout the week if you're lucky.
  • My family loved this place! You get really up close and personal with the animals. I haven't been to a zoo with a collection of snakes to this magnitude. If you are in Wilmington it's a must see !
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