FAQ for Attractions & Businesses Listed on Inspirock

What is Inspirock?

Inspirock’s trip planner uses artificial intelligence to build a detailed, personalized sightseeing itinerary in seconds. Travelers can then easily customize, book, and collaborate with their co-travelers. For nearly 80,000 destinations worldwide, we make trip planning quicker, easier, and more fun.

Inspirock has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and Forbes . We operate trip planners for national tourism organizations, including Brand USA and Slovenia, and online travel agents, such as MakeMyTrip.

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Benefits of using Inspirock?

Inspirock’s technology takes care of all the details such as how much point-to-point travel time is necessary, open-close times for attractions, whether the activities are kid-friendly, etc. The user can do further research and customize their plan to get it “just right.”

In the first minute of using Inspirock, travelers save hours of planning time.

How does it work?

Here's a short video overview of how Inspirock works:

1. Travelers enter their destination, dates, and travel preferences

2. They instantly get a complete schedule of what to see and do

3. They customize the plan until it's just right... and visit you if you're on the schedule

You'll want travelers to add your listing to their plans. Your listing might be recommended by the software, or travelers can find it when they look for activities to add to their plan.

Can customers book through Inspirock?

No--Inspirock DOES NOT book, sell, or schedule any activities or products you offer.

Travelers can either book via our booking partner (for activities, we use Viator), or with you directly through your website.

If you don't offer activities through Viator, travelers will contact you via your website. They can check availability and other conditions and book their visit directly with you.

Is there a commission?

We do not take commission from you because our website is NOT a booking platform.

If you have activities listed on Viator, travelers can book these by clicking on available Viator links. In this case, we earn commission from Viator, but your commission to Viator remains the same.

If you have a link to your website on your listing, travelers can click out to your site and book directly with you. We do not take any commission in this case.

Is this really free? How are you able to do that?

We earn money when travelers book their transportation, accommodation, and activities via our booking partners on the site.

So, for example, if a traveler books one of the activities you offer on Viator, Viator pays us a commission.

This model lets us offer free use of our site to travelers and free listings to businesses and organizations like yours.

What can we do to improve our listing?

Our software automatically pulls certain pieces of information from TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook each, so you should make sure those business pages are up to date.

Photos you submit should be horizontal, at least 400 pixels wide, and have no logos or watermarks on them.

How long will the update process take?

It takes 2-4 weeks to update listings with the content and information you provide.

Please make sure that all your information is accurate and up to date on your TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook pages—our automated system periodically updates your listing from publicly available data on those sites.

If you do make changes to your TripAdvisor, Google, and/or Facebook pages, please let us know. We can trigger the system to update your listing accordingly. It’s also okay if you forget to tell us--the system will still pick up the changes, but perhaps not as quickly.

How do I log in to make changes to my listing?

Until we set up an authentication system for attraction managers and business owners, the best way to update your listing is to:

1) Contact the Inspirock representative who reached out to you

2) Write to us at feedback@inspirock.com (include a link to your listing)

If you keep details such as open-close time, phone number, address, etc. up to date on TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook, our system should pick up the information from these sources.

The login you see is for travelers to save their plans.

Can I add all of my tours/activities to Inspirock?

If each tour/activity you offer has its own TripAdvisor page and Google Maps location, you can have multiple listings on Inspirock.

If you have one TripAdvisor page and Google Maps location but want to list your all of your products separately on Inspirock, the best way is to add these products to the site is via our booking partner, Viator.

We can list multiple products from one company in various places on Inspirock if these products are on Viator.

Why don’t my tours show up in the itinerary? How will users find them?

Inspirock's software gives unbiased recommendations.

This means that the site's planning engine does not suggest specific tour companies, food tours, escape rooms, etc.

However, it will recommend activity types, such as "Wine Tours", "Food Tours", "Scuba Diving", etc.

When an activity appears in their itinerary, travelers can click on it and see the various providers and Viator products when available:

Even if the software does not suggest your listing, travelers can still manually add it to their itinerary when they customize their plan.

All available activities appear in the 'Explore' area of the plan, which travelers access by clicking the option to add an activity.

Can I add my tour of a certain attraction to the listing of that attraction?

If you offer a Viator product related to a specific attraction, your product will show up on that attraction's page and users can book it.

Otherwise, we do not yet offer a way to add tours to the pages of specific attractions.